Appliance Design and Engineering: Changing the Way We Live

Appliance design and engineering consists of using the latest technology to create machines that can automate household tasks, thereby reducing labor, time, and inefficiency. Throughout history, such mass industrialization has changed human lives by creating more leisure time that can be leveraged for other tasks. Often, societies and traditions have changed as a result of an increase in technology and the surge of appliances that followed. As technology grows the potential for never-imagined appliances will change the progress of human productivity.

Appliance Inventions

Appliances like the icebox, the sewing machine, electric washing machines and the vacuum cleaner changed social lifestyles. People no longer had to shop for fresh meats and groceries as frequently because they could preserve foods in their homes using refrigerated appliances. The labor of washing clothes by hands suddenly because an easy job that simply required the pushing of a few buttons. As appliances in from the 1920s through the 1970s flourished, so did the free time of women. Academic studies show that increased fertility and increasing percentages of women in the labor force were a result.

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Machine for Washing Table Furniture: An early version of a washing machine was patented in 1850.

Appliance Improvements

In modern time, it is typical for people to use electrical gadgets for cooking, cleaning and personal grooming. The tendency has led to an overuse of natural resources and an extreme amount of waste according to some critics. In response, many sectors of society, including the government, are pushing for smaller, more energy-saving appliances. Green appliances offer greater power and smaller footprints while straining fewer resources.

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Appliances of the Future

The continual swell in technology will lead to the presence of robotic or smart homes. These homes will feature computers that understand natural human language and do not require tedious programming. They will be automated to manage household tasks at certain times and often without monitoring. In order to conserve resources many future smart homes may employ solar panels and other forms of alternative sources of energy.

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